Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another holiday weekend...alone--not at last

What I love most about holiday weekends is that everyone leaves town!!! That's a good thing; unless you're single and all your friends leave too. As I feel the holiday weekends loom in the distance, I try to make plans with my stay-in-town friends, who are few. Then, if they don't cancel, I feel lucky to have the presence of another human being with me. I'm sure you're thinking, wow, she has time on her hands and she's not appreciative of that. Yes I am. I have time to catch up on reading, work on my balcony garden, walk my dog, talk to friends, oh, that's right, my friends left town, ummmm, talk to the birds and the grocery store clerk. I try to tap into what author and psychiatrist, Judith Orloff says is the spiritual meaning behind what I'm going through. I come up with Karma - maybe in a past life I hurt all those close to me. Why else would I be alone so much of the time, be canceled on at the last minute and be left feeling dismissed. So, here it is Easter, renewal, celebration, rebirth, etc. Even my horoscope reads, "Ask for more help from angels and spirit guides." I think that's onto something. Don't try to figure this all out with my left brain...I'll come up empty. Turn to my spirit world for guidance. If I get into my head, I'll come up sad, disappointed, feeling alone and forgotten. I'm looking around for my angels to ask them for their help. I'm not getting any messages yet. For now, I will reach out to what is at hand and, I will start making plans to get out of town for Memorial Day, July 4th & Labor Day.

Be well & stay out of your left brain for a few minutes a day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Stop, Look & Listen

We rush through our day, without taking time to see what is around us. Even in a city like LA, beauty abounds. It is everywhere if we take time to stop, look & listen. It might be an amazing bird, did you know that there are over 500 species of birds in LA alone? I went on my first official bird-watching event last February in Topanga Canyon. That day alone we saw over 60 different species of birds. So, amidst the Horns, fire engines, car alarms and other distracting sounds, find time to listen for the sounds of our local birds. You might be surprised at what you hear!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wise Woman versus Wounded Child

I've been reading a lot about archetypes lately and realize I have a tendency to respond to situations in my life from the archetype of the wounded child instead of that of the wise woman, who has gained at least some wisdom along my life path way. It's all about being aware and not just letting thoughts and negative energy barge into my thoughts. I walked around the a wounded child for a few days trying to analyze what had taken place between a friend and I. Actually, I was trying to make sense out of what she had done and how I was letting it drain my energy. So listen up wise women, the next time something takes over your psyche for days and you can't stop tossing around in your head, think to yourself, am I coming from the place of a wise woman or from the wounded child? It has helped me move forward and let go of the negative energy I carried around for 4 days.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finding my way with art

Want to begin to mend your heart & calm your mind? Have you tried using art? For instance, collage, pastels, clay, drawing, journaling? Focuing on the process and not the right or wrong....just letting your heart speak? Looking for a new way to get your feelings out other than straight-talking therapy? Here is where you will learn new ways to tap into your heart, soul & mind with creative self expression.