Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wise Woman versus Wounded Child

I've been reading a lot about archetypes lately and realize I have a tendency to respond to situations in my life from the archetype of the wounded child instead of that of the wise woman, who has gained at least some wisdom along my life path way. It's all about being aware and not just letting thoughts and negative energy barge into my thoughts. I walked around the a wounded child for a few days trying to analyze what had taken place between a friend and I. Actually, I was trying to make sense out of what she had done and how I was letting it drain my energy. So listen up wise women, the next time something takes over your psyche for days and you can't stop tossing around in your head, think to yourself, am I coming from the place of a wise woman or from the wounded child? It has helped me move forward and let go of the negative energy I carried around for 4 days.


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